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We’re 22 days in to 2014, over 3 months after the launch of House of Blog (114 days to be precise), and this is the 213th post to publish (okay, I was impressed by that number). I hope you’re as in love with House of Blog as I am – even if I am biased – and I hope you are as excited to see what 2014 has in store too. The House has always been a Big Project for me, and that usually means I’m never satisfied. I have some big ideas to throw around – some of which I can’t tell you yet – but with 2014 feeling like it’s heading toward Spring (and that’s always a good feeling), I thought I would share with you what’s coming on House of Blog…

House of Blog is getting a lick of paint

Have you seen my new little avatar? How beautiful is that! The wonderful Laura Gabriel designed it for me (you can contact her on if you’re interested in knowing more). But this is just the beginning – the whole of House of Blog will be getting a makeover in the coming months. It’s going to be bigger and brighter. Keep an eye out, but I will no doubt be shouting about it from the rooftops.

There is still room for Housemates

You know the drill – if you want to contribute to House of Blog, you can! It’s simply a matter of contacting me on There are more details on the Housemates page, but it goes like this: you email me with a short biography and picture and you get your own little page. Then, get writing! Email me your posts and they will appear right here on House of Blog, without any of the effort of blogging.

Even better, I have a little something tucked up my sleeve for all my lovely Housemates (you’ll have to wait a little bit to find out) and if you’re dying to have a share, then now is the time to get on board!

We’re looking for advertisers

Maybe you’re another blog looking for a wider audience, or a small business wanting to share your brand – there is a dead simple advertising package for House of Blog (read all the details here). There is advertising space available for February, if you get in touch quickly!

There will also be new advertising packages and special offers in the coming months, which I hope will help bloggers and businesses on House of Blog.

House of Blog will be putting on some events

Yes you read that right. And it won’t just be blogger meet-ups. I’m dying to tell you what is in the works right now, but that would ruin it. Suffice to say, you’re going to love it. Stay tuned for more, and keep your eye on my Facebook and Twitter too – there will be more details revealed soon.

2014 is The Big Year for this, so thank you to everyone who has been on board so far, and an advance thank you to anyone about to join in! There is so much going on, and so much behind the scenes that you will all soon find out about, that I hope you’re finding House of Blog as exciting a place as I am.

Don’t forget to get in touch if you want to get involved, or even drop me a line with a question or suggestion.

Quick ways to join in

Take part in the House of Blog Bookclub – we’re currently reading Burial Rites by Hannah Kent. Grab a copy, then post on our Facebook wall or tweet using the hashtag #HoBBookclub to let us know how you’re getting on. Even better, let us know if you have an idea about what February’s Bookclub book should be!

Join us on Facebook – you might be a Twitter fiend, but House of Blog is on Facebook too, and I update regularly with pictures and statuses. Come and start a conversation!

Write something for the workshop – don’t want to blog but still want to vent some creative steam? Our writing workshop is looking for submissions, from poetry to novels. Just drop me a line to get involved.

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