RedTails Launch their Debut EP

Saturday 25 January 2014 by

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My favourite futurepop trio are back, and this time with an EP!

RedTails (Colette, Rick and Al) have at long last released their first EP – The Start of the Beginning – featuring four tracks, including my personal favourite, Setting Sun. You’ll already be familiar with the clean, dancing beat of Brighter Place, but trust me when I say you’re in for a treat.

The opening track, Setting Sun, with its raw vocals and fierceness, explodes in a bittersweet sound – Colette’s vocals grab you by the ears and don’t let go, whilst Rick samplers and Al’s drums boost the tempo to an emotional finish.

Stepping in second is Blinding Light, which feels darker and edgier; it’s a haunting, swaying sound that sends shivers down your spine. It’s one I can instantly imagine live (darkened tent, beat pounding in your chest and down your throat). The lyrics are all the more heartbreaking for their clarity. Then Brighter Place you will have heard before – the stellar (and locally produced) video is on YouTube (see below) and it’s worth checking out. Brighter Place was my first introduction to RedTails and is all the more special for it – the blend of sounds and vocals stays with you.

And lastly comes These Times, These Minds. Perhaps the most dance-y out of the four, I found myself tapping along to it. The lyrics are fierce and powerful – they are aggressive and fill you with that feel-good warmth. This is the one I have listened to the most if I’m honest (even if Setting Sun is my favourite). There is something intense about this track, and finishes the EP on a high that makes you hit repeat.

I have a very eclectic taste in music (as demonstrated by my admittance to loving classical, rock and folk in the past), but this is a clean, accessible sound for anyone. I recommend listening to it with earphones and turned up loud so that it fills your head with noise!

RedTails have appeared live all over Hampshire, and if you haven’t had a chance to catch them, follow them on Twitter and Facebook for updates on their next gigs. As for their debut EP – you can buy it on iTunes now!

Find them on SoundCloud: RedTailsUK
Like them on Facebook:
Follow them on Twitter: @RedTailsbanduk 
Find them on Bandcamp: 
Check them out on YouTube: Brighter Place

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