5 Signs Supernatural is Taking Over Your Life

Tuesday 28 January 2014 by

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I’m a Supernatural geek. Nine seasons in and it has never really failed to disappoint. The story of two brothers fighting monsters has gone from the standard monster-a-week to an almighty fight between heaven and hell; and if you’ve never seen it before, I promise you will fall in love with every single character. Although there are some life lessons to be learned from the show, there are a FEW signs that you might watch it a bit too much…

1.       You have an inordinate amount of salt in your house

Salt is not just for eating in your house – oh no. You have to salt the doors and windows against whatever nasty ghosty is trying to get in. Salt might be bad for your health but it could save your life – that’s your motto.

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2.      There is a classic rock song for everything

Sad? There’s a song for that. Feeling brave? There’s a song for that too. And if you’re heading to certain death, there’s a whole soundtrack for that. You know every word to Carry On Wayward Son and strongly believe REO Speedwagon gets you through any situation.

3.      You have a secret compartment in your car

Okay, so a 1970s Chevrolet Impala might be a touch difficult to get hold of, but no one said you couldn’t fit a false bottom in the boot of your Renault Clio. It does mean your food shop has to be tucked in to the footwell of the passenger seat, but at least you are safe in the knowledge that you have a supply of holy water and salt at hand.

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4.      You splash your friends with holy water before they come in the house

You have a handy hip flask full of holy water to discreetly splash over your mates as they come in the house. Y’know. Just in case. You don’t want to have to exorcise them after all. And you’ve had to buy a rug to hide the massive devil’s trap by the front door as well.

5.      You’re pretty sure your neighbour is a werewolf

So you don’t actually have proof that they change in to a beast at night. But with your razor-sharp Hunting skills, you can totally rely on instinct here. Time to crack out the silver.

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