Beauty Review: Topshop Lips in Hazard

Wednesday 29 January 2014 by

Topshop, Lipstick, Hazard, Beauty

As you can see from the pictures, this is a well-loved lipstick!

I’m not a huge lipstick wearer usually, but every now and then (and for special occasions), the mood takes me and I go through a period of wearing nothing but lipstick. And my favourite of all is this Topshop Lips in Hazard, £8. This bright red is not quite pillarbox, but rather a deeper, more fire engine red, with a blue base (always go for blue-based reds rather than orange-based otherwise they will show up the redness in your skin!) and has a nourishing matte finish.

Topshop, Lipstick, Hazard, Beauty, Make-up

This wonder lipstick neither dries out your lips nor leaks around the edges, and is tough enough to withstand a few cups of tea before needing reapplying. To wear, I always make sure my lips are smoothed and moisturised (I use Benefit’s Dr Feelgood Lipscription buffing beads and lip balm – now discontinued), then put on a couple of layers of Hazard, blotting as I go. I love the matte finish, but if you want a nice gloss, try dabbing a little over the top (try the Smashbox O Gloss in Noir, £16).

Topshop, Lipstick, Hazard, Beauty Make-up, Swatch

I always feel glamorous when I wear this, and I now swear by Topshop for high quality, affordable lipsticks!

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