Fussy Eaters Fight Club: Joining In

Sunday 2 February 2014 by

#6 – Joining In

One of the suggestions that comes up again and again on the subject of fussy kids is getting them in the kitchen – they are more likely to try something they have made themselves than if you make it for them.

I must confess that I find this very hard to do. I’m not a big fan of having the Smalls in the kitchen with me when I’m cooking and find trying to work with them surprisingly stressful. I think I have got this from my Mum who pretty much only did making Krispy buns with us until we were old enough to use a sharp knife and an oven properly. I totally understand why.

However, I do try and get them in the kitchen sometimes and although it doesn’t always mean they will eat what they make it does sometimes work.

I grabbed Tori the other day and got her to help me make a new recipe for pudding. She’d had a bad day and was in trouble for most of it so I thought a session in the kitchen might cheer her up before tea time and it seemed to work.

We made Fruit Compote, Yoghurt and Granola Pudding which was an adaptation of a breakfast recipe in Nick Coffer’s My Daddy Cooks book.

It was very simple which made it perfect to do with a little helper. Tori helped me to weigh out sugar and sultanas (good number practise too!), measured out the water and had fun sniffing and touching the cinnamon stick we added.

She also helped me peel and chop the pears which went into the pan with all of the above. I tried my very best to be calm but the sight of my four year old with a peeler and sharp knife did have me on edge, even if I was holding the handles at the same time.

Tori enjoyed taste-testing the pear peelings as well 😉

Fussy Eaters Fight Club, Eating, Healthy, Kids, Food

We put the pan on the cooker and simmered everything for about 8 minutes until the pear was soft when Tori poked it with a knife.

Then we left it all to cool down whilst Tori helped me to put their chicken dippers and potato letters onto a baking tray and into the oven for first course (I know, I know – lazy Mummy).

Once it had cooled down, Tori helped to spoon the fruit into the bottom of our pudding bowls before adding a layer of natural yoghurt on top. Then she poured over some of the fruit syrup on the yoghurt and sprinkled handfuls of granola on top to add some crunch.

Pudding, Fussy Eaters Fight Club, Eating, Healthy, Kids, Food

Tori was very proud of her hard work and the result was a very tasty and quite healthy and clean tasting dessert which she demolished and asked for more! It tasted lovely for breakfast the next morning too (we made a bit much for just pudding!)

Perhaps I should try getting Tori in the kitchen more often when I want her to try new things – if I can brave it that is!!

Until next time, good luck with your fussy eaters and remember:

The first rule of Fussy Eaters Fight Club is SHARE EVERYTHING THAT WORKS!

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