Confessions of a Foodie: 7Bone Burger Co.

Wednesday 5 February 2014 by

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Photo Credit: Twitter: @7bone_dive

Time for part two of my overly self-indulgent weekend eating out!

Feeling slightly worse-for-wear after a night out with the girls in Southampton, Sunday involved a visit to newly-opened 7Bone Burger Co on Portswood Road (you might recognise it from BBC2’s The Restaurant Man). All of us were in desperate need for food, and between the four of us, we ordered two portions of seasoned fries, one chilli cheese fries, mac and cheese, a salted caramel milkshake, three cokes, a slider and three burgers. I have to admit, my food didn’t last long enough for me to even photograph it!

The patties are completely gluten free, so my Shuffle to Straight Time burger (Kansas style fried onions, cheese and American mustard) was served in a lettuce bap instead of bread, which was a lovely touch. The patties are served pink, and crumble under your fork, and there’s just enough of the cheese, onions and mustard to give it depth. The fries were underwhelming – think slightly-seasoned McDonald’s fries – but the chilli cheese fries looked amazing, piled high with super spicy chilli and a healthy dose of jalapeños. The chilli cheese fries and mac and cheese come in foil takeaway boxes (which are quickly covered for a speedy doggy bag getaway), whilst the burgers are in little plastic red baskets.

The place itself is kind of quirky – with undecorated walls and school-hall-like chairs – and it’s a pretty unremarkable glass front along the road, so it’s easy to miss. If you have kids, there are colouring pads and crayons, but it’s a cramped affair, and it’s a queue-to-order type.

I loved the atmosphere, and it had definitely benefited from its TV fame; by the time we were halfway through our meal, there was a waiting list of 45 minutes for a table.

As an extra bonus, the prices are fabulous – burger, fries and Diet Coke cost just £10. If you love good old burger and chips and nothing fancy – this is the place for you! I wish I could have gone the whole hog and tried a proper burger in a bun, but it isn’t worth it (no matter how tempting they seem).

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