Good Enough To Eat

Thursday 6 February 2014 by

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I hosted a Body Shop party last weekend for my nearest and dearest for the first time in years. I remember when they were a bit stuffy and old fashioned with scents of white musk floating around the room from all angles. I was pleasantly surprised that the Body Shop rep actually called me a few days in advance to have a chat and get to know me a bit before she came and to find out the rough age range of those attending. She used this information to pick out the best products she had that would be suitable for us and that she thought we might prefer.

There were a few new fragrances available that I hadn’t seen before; blueberry, honey, pomegranate and chocolate to name a few.

As a host in January I find out that regardless of total sales I would receive £50 to spend on products for myself (a New Year, slow month, perk!)

As I’ve already got quite a collection of beauty products and make-up I decided to go for a few things I’d never tried before and things I probably wouldn’t buy for myself. Among loads of other things I decided to try out a few things from the ‘Chocomania’ range, a shower gel (£4), EDT (£8.50) and a new product of theirs – Beautifying Dry Oil (£9) for face, body and hair. I think they smell divine, not overly sweet but definitely still for the chocoholics amongst us. I went to bed with a bit of the dry oil on my face and woke up pretty glowy but not too greasy, which is a plus for my skin. After showering I decided to try out the oil in the ends of my newly washed hair to see if it would help with my dry over processed locks. This is where it all went wrong, after 10 minutes of full on blow drying I couldn’t work out why my hair wouldn’t dry or style around my brush and then on closer inspection realised it was covered in grease. I wouldn’t say that I put loads of the oil into my hair, just a 50p piece amount, but clearly a little of this product goes a long way. I decided to try and rinse my hair over the sink a little and then proceeded to towel dry it and remove as much of the excess oil as possible, it could have done with a proper in shower rinse but it did help to dry it up and it didn’t look as bad afterwards and I have to say my hair is incredibly soft and shiny. Next time I used this I tried it over night with shampooing it off the next morning and it was an absolute treat, my hair felt conditioned, shiny and not heavily full of product unlike some of the intensive conditioners I’ve tried in the past. This product comes in a variety of scents that I’d also like to try later on but for now I will enjoy smelling good enough to eat!

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