February’s Writing Workshop: Heat: A Poem

Sunday 9 February 2014 by

This month for Writing Workshop, I thought I would try a poem. We’re all dreaming of Summer, so here is a whimsical wish for some warmth again…

Hot, white, blinding heat.
Cornflower skies and sagging golden fields.
Sunkissed –
Sunscorched –
skin pressed against hot wicker chairs.
Bare legs,
bare shoulders,
squinting eyes.
Brows heavy with heat and burn and the dozing drone of bees.
The whine and hum of a jet wash
and the shriek of ice-cream-drugged children.
The sizzle and hiss of blackened meat
and the roar of beer-soaked laughter.
The haunting, electric piano tinkle of the ice cream van
and the half-attempted greeting of a dog walking by.
Denim shorts brush deliciously against tingling, tender skin.
Eyes adjust slowly to green and grey shadows
and glass bottles sweat heavily on the table next to wilting flowers.
Later there will be pink, peeling skin and
cool blue dusks – the moon a silver disk.
Children’s swimsuits will hang across the banisters,
water pistols will be abandoned – half-full – by the door,
(with the flip flops and sunglasses and the sun hat with the hole in it).
The ice cream will stick to the roofs of mouths,
and summer will become a long hangover vaguely remembered.

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