London Fashion Week AW’14: Day Five Round Up

Wednesday 19 February 2014 by

Whether you’re breathing a sigh of (exhausted) relief, or shedding a tear, London Fashion Week is over for another season. The last day may have finished early, but that didn’t mean the collections were any shorter – or less beautiful.


Tuesday 18th February: Schedule

9am- Marques’Almeida

10am- Anya Hindmarch

11am- Simone Rocha

11.30-1.30pm- Zoë Jordan

12pm- OSMAN

1pm- Fashion East: Ashley Williams, Helen Lawrence, and Louise Alsop

1.30-4.30pm- Tata Naka

2pm- Barbara Casasola

3pm- KTZ

4.30pm- Meadham Kirchhoff

5.30pm- SIMONGAO


Anya Hindmarch

Anya Hindmarch, London Fashion Week, LFW, AW'14, Fashion, Designer

Just because she only does accessories doesn’t mean they’re just accessories. The Anya Hindmarch show is always highly sought after, and for good reason. The theme was Counter Culture – the catwalk a conveyor belt and the accessories becoming the contents of your supermarket trolley. The show notes explained it as “Seizing the moment to ‘get happy’.” And it felt very happy indeed… tote bags sported the grinning Frosties tiger, and the Kelloggs cockerel, there were Daz and Ariel washing powder box clutches, and Rich Tea packets slung across the body. But Hindmarch was spreading her wings this season – against a simple backdrop of white dresses were the prototype Hindmarch scarves: with bright smiley faces to cheer you through Autumn/Winter.

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You can read the full Anya Hindmarch AW’14 catwalk report on Vogue.

You can see the Anya Hindmarch show video on BritishFashionTV’s YouTube.


Tata Naka

Tata Naka, London Fashion Week, LFW, AW'14, Fashion, Designer

Dizzying wallpaper and carpet may not be the most obvious source of inspiration, but Tata Naka manages to work it in to something of beauty. Paisley, floral and Ming vase-like patterns rioted across the Autumn/Winter collection. Much like Burberry Prorsum, Tata Naka did away with traditional AW’14 colours and instead enjoyed exploring palettes and patterns. Fitted blazers and bomber jackets over tea dresses and midi dresses in clashing prints, and a Fifties-style off the shoulder dress blended smoothly with the blue-and-white wallpaper. Want to dress like a Tata Naka woman? Contrast your prints and accessorise it with attitude.

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You can read the full Tata Naka AW’14 catwalk report on Vogue.


Meadham Kirchhoff

Meadham Kirchhoff, London Fashion Week, LFW, AW'14, Fashion, Designer

It was a love affair at Meadham Kirchhoff yesterday (sorry – I couldn’t help myself). With the word “tralala” spelt in purple ribbon, and gleaming red hearts as a backdrop, the models were dressed in moon boots, chiffon, holographic jackets and veils. Blouses (black, lilac, pink) were covered by tiled coats with low-slung hems. By contrast, skirts were short, although the dresses were suitably demure for Meadham Kirchhoff. There was romance broken by rebellion (check out the multi-coloured striped moon boots and ragged frills along black dresses). Holographic fabric brought forth ideas of Sixties sci-fi, and the veils neither confirmed nor denied marriage or mourning, instead sweeping across the face and blending at the shoulder to create a coquettish shape to balance out the chunky boots and flared sleeves. Despite its conflicting messages, this was a beautifully cohesive collection from Meadham Kirchhoff, celebrating independence, confidence and fun.

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You can read the full Meadham Kirchhoff AW’14 catwalk report on Vogue.

You can see the Meadham Kirchhoff show video on BritishFashionTV’s YouTube.

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