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Thursday 20 February 2014 by

House, Winchester, Lavender

Once again, House of Blog is on the lookout for more Housemates and Guests! This time, we’re looking for reviews.

But not just any kind of reviews.

Have you been on a holiday or had a day out you loved? Perhaps you’ve gone to a restaurant and wanted to share your experience but didn’t get the chance to.

Now’s your chance. Email me at and your review could feature on House of Blog!

I’m looking for day trips, holidays, hidden city gems and countryside escapes, the best restaurants and cafés (or the worst) and top tips for visits (that amazing exhibition at that museum…) Whatever it is, I want you to share it right here on House of Blog.

The Rules
  • Email me your review to
  • Include your name, a brief bio and any social media links you want (including your blog if you have one!)
  • Send me pictures to go with the review
  • Rate your review out of five

Then I’ll let you know when the review will go up – it’s that simple!

Are you a blogger? Your blog could feature in the Blog Corner – email for more details

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