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Saturday 22 February 2014 by

Seth Lakeman, Music, Folk

From the moment I was introduced to his music to his latest album, I’ve been hooked on Seth Lakeman. He’s one of those artists that you definitely know who I’m talking about or won’t have a clue. I hope it’s the former, but if it’s the latter – let me introduce you.

With a unique mix of traditional folk song, pop and some spectacular classically-inspired fiddle-playing, Seth Lakeman really garnered attention with the release of his second album – Kitty Jay. An off-shoot from semi-retired band, Equation, Lakeman writes songs inspired by the traditional folklore of the South West (the album title track, Kitty Jay, is the story of a young girl who commits suicide after being impregnated by the squire’s son – and you can visit her roadside grave).

Since then, he has gone on to release seven albums – the most recent of which is Word of Mouth.

Described as “nu folk”, Lakeman has found that smooth crossover from folk to pop, and walks the line precisely. If you don’t know of him, his singles The White Hare and Lady of the Sea from his 2006 album, Freedom Fields, are likely to be the most familiar. In 2007, the album won Album of the Year at the BBC Folk Awards, when he was also awarded Singer of the Year.

Seth Lakeman’s unique voice and fast, confident and stylish fiddle-playing make his albums really easy listening. You don’t have to be a folk fan to listen to him, and often it’s the stories he tells with his music that is the most entertaining part of it (something you don’t get with some pop songs).

You can find all his albums on his website (as well as gig dates!) but he’s also got news-and-updates Twitter and Facebook pages.

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