Fussy Eaters Fight Club: Size Matters

Sunday 23 February 2014 by

#7 – Size Matters

We have had a rough few weeks – between the four of us we have had Chicken Pox, fevers, fainting spells, sickness and coughs non-stop and eating has been very hit and miss for all of us.

It has been good to reach the end of it and be able to just make a normal meal, I can tell you that much for free. That said, I did make sure I reverted to one of the first things I learned about feeding Fussy Eaters – make everything bitesize.

Massive chunks of food that need attacking with knives and forks can be daunting when you aren’t sure how to use them and gigantic portions can be overwhelming so one way to encourage Fussy Eaters is to give them tiny portions.

Think tapas – a little bit of everything for them to try and they can go back for more of what they like. Not only does it cut back on the amount you waste but it’s more fun for them and they are more likely to try out one bite of something new if they know they can follow it up with something familiar.

It is also somehow easier to go back and refill their plates than it is to try and make them eat a giant plateful. Kids are funny like that.

As our first ‘back to normal’ meal I was going to make sausage sandwiches – the kids love sausages so it was a good way to get them back into eating hot meals. They usually cut up sausages themselves but they are very tired and Arthur in particular gets difficult when he’s tired and the prospect of persuading him to use a knife and fork if he wasn’t in the mood didn’t appeal. And I really wanted him to eat his dinner.

So I chopped up the sausages myself and cut the bread up into small triangles and fingers, gave them a fork each but left it up to them if they used it or not and ended up with clean plates. Even from Mr ‘I Won’t Eat Dinner, It’s Yucky’ who had adamantly decreed he didn’t like sausages anymore – he couldn’t resist the easy to eat, fun-sized portions (or the tantalising smell of sausage…)

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Mini-sized things are also great for puddings. Full sized marshmallows are great, but at dinner time I’m only really willing to let the kids have one for pudding at a push. Which is no fun when you’re four and want one of each colour.

Having a pack of mini marshmallows and mini chocolate buttons in means that I can give them ‘lots’ as far as they’re concerned but still keep to the portion sizes I want overall. I also added some sultanas and dried cranberries into the bowls – again in smallish portions. Tori would tell you she doesn’t like cranberries and half the time Arthur would agree – in a bitesize portion along with things they know they like? All gone without a single murmur of complaint.


So you see – sometimes it isn’t what you feed Fussy Eaters, it’s how you present the food that makes the difference. Make it fun, make it easy and make it appealing – it might take an extra five minutes in the kitchen but it’s worth it for the empty dishes at the end!

Until next time, good luck with your fussy eaters and remember:

The first rule of Fussy Eaters Fight Club is SHARE EVERYTHING THAT WORKS!

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