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There’s an abundance of note taking software out there for phone, tablet and computer. While I don’t think they’ll ever beat the tactile pleasure of buying a beautiful notebook and physically writing in it, in an increasingly electronic world, there are more than a few advantages to going digital.

Evernote is one of the best note keeping applications there is. A clean interface makes it easy to use and organise, it’s available across a multitude of platforms and, on top of that, it’s free.

Electronic note taking’s biggest advantage is easy organisation. Instead of flicking through endless different note books, where character profiles are interspersed with shopping lists, Evernote allows you to sort your notes into separate ‘notebooks’ to group relevant notes together. The tagging function means you can further differentiate your notes within the notebooks – perhaps ‘character profile’, ‘scene idea’, ‘research’ – and a search option means you’ll never have to hunt for longer than it takes to type a keyword in order to get the relevant information in front of you.

And the best part? Evernote doesn’t just have to be for writing – use it to organise the rest of your life as well.

Because it’s available across almost all platforms, you can synchronise your notes across your various devices. An idea strikes you while you’re out and about? Tap it into your mobile app. When you get home, that note will be there with the rest of them, ready for you to review.

A lot of writing is about capturing the ideas as they come to you: snippets of conversation overheard, that brilliant idea for a scene that just popped into your head, an interesting fact you heard on the radio. Evernote is the perfect tool for recording, cataloguing and referencing all these things.

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