Maybelline Mega Plush vs. Soap & Glory Thick and Fast

Monday 24 February 2014 by

It’s not often you can drag me away from my favourite No7 Intense Volume mascara, £9.95. But when my last one gave up on me, and I had two mascaras sat ready and waiting for testing, I didn’t really have an excuse not to try them. But on exploring the mascara world, I quickly discovered that you could get polar-opposite results…

Maybelline, Mega Plush, Mascara, Beauty, Make-up
The Bad

The Maybelline Volum’Express Mega Plush mascara, £7.99, came as part of the Elegant Punk set from London Fashion Weekend last year. Although I initially expressed a pleasant surprise, the more I used it, the less I was enamoured. I found it took a lot to build up the curly lash effect I wanted, and the fat brush often meant black streaks over my nose and eyelids because I found it hard to be precise. But the biggest disappointment was the length of time it lasted. Between applying in the morning and getting to work (less than an hour), I usually ended up with a smear shape on my eyelids. Throughout the day, I constantly would have to tidy up as it had a habit of smudging above my eyes, and by the end of the day there was usually more on my face than on my lashes!

Soap & Glory, Thick and Fast. Mascara, Beauty, Make-up
The Good

The Soap & Glory Thick and Fast Super Volume mascara, £10, came as part of my Christmas present to myself – the Yule Monty gift set. I didn’t get on with my last foray in to Soap & Glory make-up (their Sexy Mother Pucker gloss made my lips swell up from a bad reaction rather than a lovely plumping effect!) so I was a bit hesitant to try it. However, after the Mega Plush, I had nothing to lose. I have to say, this is MUCH better! The shape of the lashes is exactly what I want, the narrower brush gives me precision right in to the corners of my eyes, and there is no smudging throughout the day. You do have to be careful about clumping (make sure to wipe the excess mascara off the brush well before using and you can usually counteract the clump-effect), but it’s minimal. I’ve had lots of compliments about my make-up since giving this a go, and at almost exactly the same price as No7, it’s definitely a contender for Top Mascara in my make-up bag.

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