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So the dairy-free thing flip flops according to how much I’m craving cheese or chocolate (which is often). But I am gradually learning the tricks to sticking dairy free (almond milk for one) and am starting to be a dab hand at sourcing lunches that are both gluten and dairy free. Here are my three go-to solutions for lunch on the hoof…

The New Covent Garden Soup Co, Skinny, Soup, Food, Dairy free, Gluten free

Photo Credit: The New Covent Garden Soup Co.


Not had time to make lunch before work or found yourself caught out and about? It can be a nightmare finding food – forget the Lunch To Go aisles, you’ll only find sandwiches. Your best bet is the New Covent Garden Soup Co Skinny range – all of them apart from the Souper Greens with Pesto are gluten and dairy free. Plus all of them are less than 150 calories a portion, count towards at least 2 of your 5 a day – guilt-free eating!

The Intolerant Gourmet, Honey and mustard chicken salad, Dairy free, Gluten free, Salad, Healthy, Food

Photo Credit: The Intolerant Gourmet


Try the honey and mustard chicken salad from The Intolerant Gourmet. It’s summery, but perfect and hugely filling. Try warming the chicken and switching the watercress for babyleaf and spinach for something more hearty. All you need is watercress, avocado, pumpkin seeds, chicken, and garden peas for the salad and the dressing is made from runny honey and English mustard. Delicious!

AllRecipes, Beef in red wine, Casserole, Healthy eating, Gluten free, Dairy free

Photo Credit: Norma MacMillan, AllRecipes


The easiest thing to heat up is beef in red wine from AllRecipes. Have it with a jacket potato rather than bread roll. Make it the night before and freeze up your portions so you can have a quick and easy lunch whenever you need it. Filled with carrots, parsnips, mushrooms and broad beans alongside all that beef and red wine, it’s brimming with goodness to stave off the hunger and cold.

What are your go-to recipes for a quick and easy lunch?

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