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My Sky+ completely failed me, and I missed the first few episodes of the returned Sleepy Hollow, so forgive me; these reviews are long in coming!

Sleepy Hollow – episode ten – The Golem

*mild spoilers alert*

After the rather dramatic revelation in the last episode that Crane has a son, the second half of season one got off to a rather intense start… Crane is on the hunt to find out what happened to his son, and employs the skills of the Sin Eater Henry Parrish to travel in to purgatory and confront Katrina about it all.

But on his return, he brings back a large and aggressive monster, who decides to start attacking people. And not any old people – the members of Katrina’s coven, who had trapped her in purgatory for helping Crane.

It quickly turns out that the monster is a golem, created/summoned by Crane’s son to seek revenge on the people who had taken his family from him. It becomes a race against time to stop the golem from destroying the last of the coven, and thus putting paid to Crane’s hopes of getting Katrina back.

As I said, this is an intense episode – with lots of dramatic moments and heated conversation. Whilst Crane and Abbie are running around trying to stop a rampant golem, Captain Irving is battling his own demon – who is threatening to hurt his family. They’re everywhere!

Did I miss Sleepy Hollow over Christmas? Oh boy, did I! This is a brilliant series artfully played. But is it formulaic? Of course it is. That’s part of its charm. I have to admit, I miss the Headless Horseman/Death. There’s nothing quite like a classic Mortal Enemy to keep things ticking along. Moloch isn’t a particularly compelling baddie (yet) as he’s so often absent apart from the occasional blurry movement out of the corner of your eye.

Instead, we have a monster of the week again, but this one feels less monster-like than before. For a plotline, there was a lot more potential than the episode actually delivered – and that had the opportunity to be more compelling than a golem. A long-lost son with magical powers, a coven who should be good but weren’t overly nice to one of their own… it’s endless. Instead it’s a rampaging clay creature.


That said, they bring the story along in leaps and bounds – to make up for that mid-season break I suppose. We get to hear a lot more about Crane’s son, and his fate, which I have a feeling will be coming back to haunt us again, and there are added moments to hint at bigger things to come (the demon chasing Irving and Moloch’s threat against Abbie).

This episode was a perfect launch pad back in to the creepy world of Sleepy Hollow, reacquainting ourselves with our favourite characters and promising a lot more to come. But for an episode in itself? It was just okay.

Rating, Review, Three

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