Fussy Eaters Fight Club: Nice and Simple

Sunday 2 March 2014 by

#8 – Nice and Simple

Turns out I spoke too soon. After last weekend’s brief respite from sickness it all kicked off again even worse than before. Eating has become a rare occurrence for the Smalls aside from the odd half-bowl of cereal every now and then. Although Arthur even refused that the other day, and cake, and biscuits. He was very definitely not well!

When your kids are eating so little, it is hard to help them have a balanced diet of any sort. Indeed, you mostly resort to letting them eat whatever they want because anything is better than nothing – but that doesn’t stop you trying to find ways to get foods into them that will give them energy and hopefully ease their discomfort a little.

With this in mind I decided to give porridge a go again. Last time I tried to feed Tori porridge she informed me she didn’t like it anymore – I used to like porridge though, when I was a bear.’ (Guess who had just learned the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears?) But that was a while ago and her tastes are so fickle I figured it was worth a try to get something warm and tasty into her and Arthur.

To make the porridge more interesting and also to try and get some fruit into them, I decided to try and make some banana porridge.

To do this I simply sliced a banana and put it in a pan along with two tablespoons of honey and a little water and boiled the mixture until the banana went mushy and the honey and water had formed a syrupy sauce around it.

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Then I failed to make porridge, cleaned the microwave, made porridge properly and stirred the banana mixture into it. I left it to cool a while as it was all very hot then served it up along with some orange segments for dinner.

Tori still wasn’t overly keen and just picked at it and ate her orange but Arthur, who hadn’t eaten anything all day, devoured it. Grinning the whole time!

Porridge, Food, Healthy eating, Kids, Happy

It was such a relief to see him eating and enjoying it, even if he did deposit it all back on his bed at 3am the next morning. At least he will have got some goodness out of it before then!

Here’s hoping that this last round of sickness really was the last and we can all catch up on our sleep and start eating real food!

Until next time, good luck with your fussy eaters and remember:

The first rule of Fussy Eaters Fight Club is SHARE EVERYTHING THAT WORKS!

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