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Okay, so the Sleepy Hollow season finale is technically two episodes, but they were aired back to back and I watched them both in a row, so the review is in honour of that…

Sleepy Hollow – season finale – The Indispensable Man/Bad Blood

*MAJOR spoilers alert*

Be ready for emotional whiplash, because that’s what the finale of Sleepy Hollow did. We begin with the dramatic realisation of the truth behind Washington’s burial, a visit to his tomb, a map, and some demon-fighting. If you’re not already out of breath, here’s the best bit: the map shows the way to Purgatory.

Purgatory: where Katrina is being held.

Of course, Crane’s first thought is for his wife, but Abbie knows that the map is too dangerous to keep, and so they have to destroy it. Thank goodness for Crane’s photographic memory! The first of the episodes finishes with him drawing out a replica of the map, effectively breaking his promise and Abbie’s trust. (She’s painfully aware of the prophecy that Crane will give up her soul to Moloch)

But all doesn’t end there. Henry Parish, the Sin Eater (played by the most incredible John Noble) has a vision that the second Horseman of the Apocalypse, War, is about to be summoned, from the very same spot that Abbie and Jenny first saw Moloch as children. The only way to prevent this happening is to bind the ground, and the only way that they can do that is to get a witch. Crane and Abbie head in to Purgatory to collect Katrina (the only witch they know it seems) with the remembered map and have to fight their own demons as they come face to face with their inner desires and fears.

In a slight twist on the prophecy, when it comes to it, it is Abbie who gives herself up to stay in Purgatory and thus give herself up to Moloch, rather than Crane – who promises to come back for her. There’s nothing quite like chivalry to soften the blow.

We at last get to see the Headless Horseman reappear, for which I am eternally grateful, even if it is only brief.

But there’s one more twist to the story, just to make the finale even more overwrought. Our dear Henry Parish is not, in fact, a Sin Eater. Rather, he is the long-lost, thought-dead son of Crane and Katrina… Oh. And the Horseman War.

Turns out it wasn’t a vision – and that it had already happened all those years ago when Abbie and Jenny had seen it. Moloch had taken Jeremy and turned him in to War, just as he had taken Crane’s best friend and turned him in to Death. His parting gifts to his parents is to hand Katrina over to the Headless Horseman and bury Crane alive in the very same coffin he had been sealed in by the coven hundreds of years ago. Charming.

This finale definitely ranks up there with some of the more awesome TV finales, but I have to say it lacked some of the fizz and fun of the better ones. I think it is just the writers finding their feet with their very first Sleepy Hollow finale, rather than anything lacking in the plotline or programme itself. I’m sad that it all finished so quickly after coming back from its break, and I feel that there is certainly further to go with this – it just remains to be seen to see how far they go with it in season two.

As characters go, I can’t fault a single one of them, even if Katrina does get on my nerves. And to round them up like this and really feel the impact of that is quite impressive. Plotline aside, we’ve got character development all over the place and it’t’s pretty faultless. As long as season two carries on with at least half of this, we’re going to have an awesome series on our hands.

What did you think of the season finale of Sleepy Hollow?

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