5 Apps That Should Be on Every Phone

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Shazam, Music, App
1.     Shazam


When I was a kid, I remember wishing there was a way to hum a tune into the computer and have the internet tell you what it was – for those earworms whose lyrics you cannot remember. Turns out I (sort of) invented Shazam. While this app won’t work from humming, it only has to hear a few bars of music to identify who wrote it, the song title and link you to a load of options to buy it. It’s pretty good at picking up tunes even with background noise interference and is definitely a must-have app for anyone with even a slight appreciate for music.

Shazam is free and available on a wide range of platforms

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2.     Tube Map


I can’t even begin to explain how many times this app has saved me time, hassle and stress. It’s a map of the London Underground that comes with a route planner, up to date line status and a number of unlockable features at very reasonable prices, including last train times, and tube exits, that would probably be useful to a frequent London-goer. Honestly, the Underground is great for whizzing round London, but for a country girl like myself, or even someone simply unfamiliar with the capital, Tube Map makes travelling round London and getting to your show/restaurant/rendezvous on time an absolute doddle. Download it now.

Tube Map is free and available on a wide range of platforms

Around Me, Travel, Eating out, App
3.     Around Me


Apps make life so easy. Gone are the days when you had to stop and ask for directions to the nearest Pizza Hut – now you can find what’s around you at the push of the button. It does rely on decent 3G/GPS signal to work, and has taken me on a couple of round-the-houses tours of strange places, but it makes finding a place to eat when you’re in unfamiliar territory infinitely easier. Just click on what you want – restaurant, bar, supermarket – chose from a list of options and it will direct you to their door.

Around Me is free and available on a wide range of platforms

TripIt, App, Travel,
4.     TripIt


Struggling to keep track of flight times and hotel check ins? Trip It is the app that keeps all your travel arrangements in one place. Brilliantly, it syncs to your email account. Every mail you get that details train times, flight plans, hotel bookings – it’s logged straight into Trip It, keeping it all in one place and easy to digest. For more complex plans, you can input the data yourself, and share with any fellow travellers. If you travel, you need this on your phone.

TripIt is free and available on a wide range of platforms

Podcasts, iOS, Apple, App, Music, Sound, Radio
5.     Podcast Player

No phone should be without an app that plays podcasts. I personally use the Podcasts app for iOS, but there are plenty of free (and not so free) alternatives for other platforms. I was late to the Podcast party, stumbling into them about a year ago. But I’m a complete addict now. Podcasts are like having a feed of your favourite interests going straight into your brain stem. Whether you’re into writing, reading, fishing, history, sports or astronomy, there’s a podcast out there for you. Never be bored on long car journeys again. Download a podcast player app now.

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  1. Chris Roberts

    Sticking with the transport theme, I am still excited by using London buses. I am a late comer due to the complexity of finding one going in the direction I want, knowing where to get out, when to press the button to stop and how to pay!

    All fixed by LT Free. Maps where I am in London, shows the nearest bus stop, which buses are coming, where they are going and how long I have to wait.

    Doesn’t fix the paying but I have worked out a travel card flashed in the right direction on entry works a treat.


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