5 Ways to Eat Nutella

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I have a love affair with Nutella. I can pretty much work my way through an entire jar by myself with just a spoon. And did you know it’s 50 years old!? It’s a timeless classic. But in the guise of propriety it’s best to eat Nutella with something. So, put away the spoon, and try these five REALLY SIMPLE ways to eat Nutella…

1.       On toast

The simple and most obvious way to eat Nutella is on toast. But let’s get more specific here… you need white toast. Preferably the Warburtons Toastie loaf, but if you’re gluten free like me, I recommend avoiding the Genius loaves. Go for the supermarket’s own brand – you know the kind, the stuff in the vacuum packing that would normally taste horrid but with a thick layer of Nutella, it makes it divine. It stays stiff enough to be a suitable vehicle for Nutella goodness – none of that soggy toast. Simple and perfect.

2.      In cakes

Forget your classic Victoria sponge with jam (and cream if you’re going all-out). Warm up some Nutella until it goes soft and smear generously. Trust me – your cakes will be very popular. Try making a banana loaf with a generous helping of Nutella, or there is also an utterly addictive Nutella cake from Nigella. You’ll never be able to eat plain cake again.

3.      In a super-indulgent milkshake

Blend up banana, milk and Nutella for a frothy milkshake. When I say it’s super-indulgent, I mean it really is. I recommend small doses if you don’t want to feel sick. If you want to go totally mad, freeze your banana, and add some vanilla ice cream.

4.      With bacon

I’m going to openly admit that I haven’t given this one a go, but it seems popular across the internet. The trick is to make sure your bacon is extra crispy. Salt and sweet is a winning combination, perhaps?

5.      With strawberries

It’s time to upgrade your chocolate fondue. Melt Nutella, a little bit of chocolate and whipping cream together and then let it half set. Strawberries are best, but banana or apple works well too.

For more Nutella-inspired recipes, try these 21 amazing things to make with Nutella from the Food Network, go to my Nutella Pinterest for more, or Google recipes because trust me: there’s so much to do with Nutella.

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