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One of my favourite beauty blogs comes from Holly at Summer Hollyday. A fellow ex-Bath Spartan like me, Holly is based in the South West and blogs about her incredible beauty addiction (I am so envious of her beauty collection), her day to day life and anything else that interests her. It’s a gorgeous blog with something for everyone. Here’s what Holly has to say for herself…

About Me

After spending hours each week reading dozens of beauty blogs and watching YouTube videos, in September 2012 I decided to take the plunge and start my own blog. I’d actually been blogging for years, ever since I opened my Livejournal account in 2003ish but it was always set to private so only me and a select few others could see it – it was really exciting (and a little bit scary!) putting my thoughts and opinions on the internet on my own little website.

Since then, I’ve been posting regular beauty, with a few snippets of fashion and lifestyle thrown in. I’ve really enjoyed seeing my blog grow and I’ve loved being part of the #bbloggers community as a whole. It’s so lovely to have made friends who won’t judge me for spending more than £5 on a lipstick and who get equally as excited when the latest Urban Decay palette drops. Blogging has grown from being a fun hobby to something that I’m really excited and passionate about.

Read an excerpt from Summer Hollyday now:

Chanel, Rouge Allure, Lipstick, Beauty, Blog, Summer HollydayChanel Rouge Allure in Mélodieuse

Payday + ultimate hangover = expensive lipstick. You know how it goes – the day where you feel terrible, you might have said something potentially problematic after a few too many G&Ts the night before and you look like crap. This was me a few weeks ago and I marched through town determined to buy something to cheer me up just a little bit. The result? A beautiful new lipstick from Chanel.

You can read more here.

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