The 5 Best Comfort Foods

Tuesday 18 March 2014 by

There’s nothing quite like some good old comfort food after a bad day (or even a good day). But what are the best comfort foods to keep in your cupboard?

1.       Eggs

Scrambled with baked beans, poached on crumpets, hard boiled with bagels. Or, as I like to have them, as the eggy bread part of French toast, drizzled in cinnamon sugar and maple syrup and served with crispy bacon. Eggs are definite comfort food, and there is a way of cooking an egg for any occasion.

2.      Chocolate

Well, we all know this one. Chocolate is pretty much the cure for any ill. Whether you like white, milk, dark or with lumps of fruit in it, you should always keep a bar of chocolate in your fridge – for emergencies, you understand. If you want to get extra fancy with your chocolate, grab a tray of posh chocolates, put your feet up and eat them flavour by flavour.

3.      Warm, fresh bread

It doesn’t matter what kind of bread (try a good French baguette or fragrant rosemary loaf), it’s got to be fresh and warm and soft in the middle. A thick slick of butter (my favourite – before the ugly gluten intolerance monster nixed my bread addiction – was a slightly salted Lurpak) just finishes the whole thing. But what seals the deal? The smell. The smell of fresh bread is comfort food in itself.

4.      Crisps

The humble crisp, so often overlooked. But how often can you only eat half a packet? How often do you clear out the bowl of shared crisps at a party? Exactly. Crisps are moreish, and in my view that makes them a comfort food, no matter the flavour. Because when you just need to stuff your face, crisps are always happy to oblige.

5.      Jelly beans

Know me at all and you know my great love of jelly beans. Jelly Belly or supermarket-own, I care not, I love jelly beans. I would eat them by the kilo if I could, and they’re the ideal comfort food – snackable and in great quantity, they are perfect comfort for a long journey or bad day at the office equally.

What is your favourite comfort food?

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