Cocktail Bar: Strawberry Martini

Friday 21 March 2014 by

Strawberry martini, Cocktail, Alcohol,

With all the sunshine of late (though it has been a bit gloomy the past couple of days) it definitely means that Summer (okay Spring) is looming. To put you in the Summery mood, I’ve picked a super-tasty Jamie Oliver strawberry martini recipe for your Friday night…

Strawberry martini, Jamie Oliver, Alcohol, Cocktail

You will need:

  • Martini glass
  • Cocktail shaker
  • Ice cubes

Strawberry martini, Alcohol, Cocktail, Jamie Oliver


  • Splash dry vermouth
  • Handful of sweet, ripe strawberries
  • Spring of fresh mint
  • 75 ml vodka (or gin)

Strawberry martini, Cocktail, Alcohol, Jamie Oliver

How to make it:

Chill the martini glass in the fridge or freezer. Swill a few drops of vermouth around the glass, and then put some strawberries in to the bottom (chop up if they are large). In the cocktail shaker, add the remaining strawberries and mint and crush with the end of a rolling pin. Add the ice cubes and vodka (or gin), and shake well. Strain in to the martini glass and serve – a good garnish is a whole strawberry or little bit of mint! This is sweet and delicious, but very more-ish, so do be careful when drinking. Happy Summer everyone!

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