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#10 – School Lunchboxes: The Bento Box Revolution

Tori is a bit of a lunchbox junkie – she is usually on school dinners so for her lunchboxes are a treat. Her fussiness meant that it was always a bit tough to put them together and not just have most of it come home again at the end of the day barely touched but now she’s got a bit less picky and more obsessed with having lunchboxes it has become easier.

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As well as Tori getting more adventurous, I have also made a new discovery via my friends on Twitter and the Mummy-Blogosphere – the world of Bento Boxes.

Traditional Bento boxes are from Japan and involve single portion meals contained in convenient boxes – usually involving rice, fish or meant and some vegetables – they have developed over time and now come in many forms as well as the traditional type. Now ‘kyaraben’ is massively popular – ‘character bento’ where the boxes are styled to look like characters or particular scenes and themes making lunchboxes more fun and exciting, both for the person eating and the person creating.

Having gazed in jealous awe at my friend’s photos on Instagram, Twitter and their blogs I finally decided to take the plunge and headed over to the shop on Grace’s awesome Eats Amazing blog and put in an order for a selection of Bento accessories.

Once they arrived I couldn’t wait to get started so Tori had an impromptu week of lunches much to her delight. Making Bento-style lunches is more interesting for me and she seems to enjoy them too.

I usually include sandwiches cut into shapes using cutters and then add a selection of the following: salad skewers (carrot, cucumber, pepper), cheese (cut into shapes in a pot with crackers, included on the skewers or just cubed by the sandwiches), fruit (orange, apple, banana), rice cakes or crackers and some cooked pasta in a pot.

I finish it off with a couple of biscuits and something sweet for pudding. Oh, and a bottle of juice on the side, of course.

Bento Box, School lunches, Fussy Eaters Fight Club, Kids

I use the picks and skewers I bought to make the whole thing bright and colourful and I also got some mini animal shaped picks which can double up as forks for eating things like the pasta as well as make cute decoration. I have even bought a couple of edible-ink pens to add little details to bits and pieces (I *may* have got a little over-excited when I was shopping…) The best thing is that all of these can be used for cake decorating too – something else I do a fair bit of, so great value for money overall.

Tori has finished everything in her lunchbox every day, even the new things I put in (red pepper, cold cooked pasta, apple rice cakes) – it would seem that the fun presentation is helping her be more adventurous and willing to try things out. There’s less pressure and it’s fun – I quite enjoy putting it all together as well!

Arthur is starting to go into Pre-school for two full days after Easter so he is going to need packed lunches too – I am hoping that I can persuade him to eat better with funky Bento-style lunches too – I have already bought him a new lunchbox. I can see me getting a lunchbox ‘problem’ soon – there are so many things I want to get…

For some fab lunch-box ideas check out these amazing bloggers who are totally my inspiration:

Eats Amazing – Lunch box ideas and go-to shop for Bento supplies! Twitter: @eatsamazing

The Boy and Me – Super supportive, great for ideas and all round lovely lady J Twitter: @theboyandme

Capture By Lucy – Creator of ‘Bento Babies’, idea fountain and stunning photographer! Twitter: @capturebylucy

Until next time, good luck with your fussy eaters and remember:

The first rule of Fussy Eaters Fight Club is SHARE EVERYTHING THAT WORKS!

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  1. Wow thanks so much for mentioning Bento Babies! Would love you to link up your ideas! It’s so good to share and get inspired xx

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