5 Essential Apps for Geeks

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Dice and Dragons, App, iTunes
1.     Dice and Dragons

If you’re into roleplay games, eliminate the need to own four hundred dice by using the Dice and Dragons app. You can roll as many of each different die as you like, save combinations of dice to quickly roll for weapons or skills. You can also save different characters to easily switch between. It is a bit glitchy – sometimes dice roll off the screen, and computers (as I’m reliably told by my mathematician sister) can never truly be random. BUT, you can buy flaming dice as an upgrade, and that trumps pretty much anything.

2048, App, Maths
2.     2048

A must have for maths aficionados, 2048 is a new logic game that’s deceptively simple and utterly compulsive. The aim of the game is to create a 2048 tile by combining powers of two, starting at 2, and working your way up. It starts off easy, but quickly becomes incredibly frustrating as you try to combine the correct tiles into the optimum position. Achieving 2048 is a satisfying victory, but the game gives you the option to continue, meaning you’re never really satisfied, and could just keep playing.

Logic Games, App, iTunes
3.     Logic Games

If you like Sudoku and want a whole range of similar logic puzzles, look no further than Logic Games – which boasts 91 different logic puzzles, including Battleship, Sudoku, Minesweeper and many other familiar classics. You could easily sink hours into this game, with many different levels within each category, with increasing difficulty to keep your brain churning.

Particle Zoo, App, Science
4.     Particle Zoo

For the Particle Physicist – or anyone who wants to understand The Big Bang Theory – Particle Zoo will help you tell your Quarks from your Leptons with cute illustrations and quirky humour. It’s easy to navigate, the information clear and digestible. And did I mention the illustrations are seriously cute?

Appy Geek, App
5.     Appy Geek

For all your technology news in one place, look no further than Appy Geek. You can personalise which news you want to receive, look at articles, photos and videos, and browse in a number of different, ways – including by ‘mood’ – the news item prompts from the readers. Once you start using it, it learns your interests, providing you with up to date information about the things you really want to know.

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