Nails: Essie Go Overboard

Thursday 10 April 2014 by

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My obsession with Essie polishes continues unabated. This time, I got my hands on two shades of green – Turquoise & Caicos (a lovely minty green a shade darker than their infamous Mint Candy Apple) and Go Overboard (a deep teal), both £7.99 from Boots. My nails haven’t been in great condition and kept breaking, so I’ve trimmed them down and found that darker colours suit the shorter length better. Hence, today I’m wearing the darker of the greens, Go Overboard. I love the gloss of this colour, and it still feels Spring-like despite the darkness of it.

I’m still trying to build up my nail strength, so am giving the L’Oreal Manicure Serum 7-in-1 Saviour (£5.99 from Boots) a go as a base coat; although if you have any suggestions for a good base coat to prevent chipping and staining AND strengthens nails, I’m all ears!

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