5 Reasons to Run in the Morning

Thursday 17 April 2014 by

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Instead of writing when I get up in the morning recently, I’ve been going for a run. I love running in the mornings when I can – it’s a different feeling and usually I run faster (slightly). Don’t believe me that morning runs are best? Here are five reasons to prove me right…

1.       You get to watch the sunrise

It might be an old cliché to watch the sun rise every now and then, but there’s nothing quite like seeing it appear through the mist to set you up for the day.

2.      You can pretend you’re Pocahontas

Well, at least where I live you can. I run around country lanes, and that means woodland creatures. If I time it right, I catch the herd of deer at the bottom of the road, and for a few paces at least, we run in the same direction. Colours of the Wind inevitably runs through my head.

3.      Solitude

Yeah, sometimes being alone can suck. But sometimes, there’s nothing quite like some Me Time. Space to think, and nothing but your footsteps for company.

4.      You have already made a success of the day

The rest of the day can be rubbish, and you’re safe in the knowledge that you’ve already been for a run and achieved something. Cheesy? You know exactly what I mean. All those endorphins will get you through.

5.      Bragging rights

You can be fabulously smug all day because everyone will look at you with great admiration for having the motivation to get out and run. Well done, now you’re a morning runner.

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  1. This has really inspired me to get my butt out of bed and start going for a morning run, the good thing is as well that your exercise for the day is pretty much done and out of the way! 🙂 x


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