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I’m only one week behind with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and I’m thoroughly enjoying immersing myself in Joss Whedon’s world again.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D – episode fifteen – Yes Men

This week we see the return of Asgardians… no, not Thor. But Lady Sif (Jaimie Alexander). When magical seductress Loralei (Elena Satine) escapes from Asgard and comes to Earth she enslaves a biker gang (and Ward) to her will to create an army in order to rule the world. It seems that there are an awful lot of megalomaniacs in Asgard…

Skye, meanwhile, is recovering from her injuries, and Coulson is still wracked with guilt. But we need to forget that for a while, as the focus is much more on Ward, May and Sif and Loralei this week, and it’s all a bit angsty there too.

With Ward under the control of Loralei it is down to the girl power of Sif and May to stop her and release Ward from the spell. Oh, and save the world. As a major Asgardian character goes, Sif is not one of my favourites if I’m honest. It feels exciting to see yet more crossover between the film franchise and the show, but I sort of wish it had been another God to wreak havoc.

The whole episode hinges on the benefits of attraction and female seduction. It’s almost tiresome by the end of it, but the fight scenes were pretty outstanding. Skye is a spare wheel, not being of much use but cropping up every few minutes (offering to help and being told to stay in bed) in an attempt to reassure viewers that she is alive and well. As potential goes, this episode is brimming with it, but as delivery goes, it doesn’t live up to expectations.

Although Loralei and Sif are great characters, they needed more exploration than an hour’s worth of programme could give, and so you feel like it’s watching scenery speed by in a car – beautiful, but not much impact. It feels like the producers got word they could have a film star making a cameo and threw in a spare episode to accommodate it. The only thing I can see continuing from this episode is the hint that Ward is not, in fact, in love with May as you could rightly presume, but someone else (*ding ding ding* I’m betting anything it’s Skye – and you can buy me “I told you so” drinks later).

Thoroughly enjoyable, but ultimately one of the emptier episodes plot-wise, I was left feeling unsatisfied, and craving something more (bring back the quips, the Serious Looks and the angst and mystery).

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