5 Places You Never Expect to Find Gluten

Tuesday 22 April 2014 by

Gluten can be found in odd places. After years of trial and error (*shudder*), I have perfected the art of avoiding these gluten-full cretins. If you’re about to embark on a gluten-free diet, there are some things to remember to avoid. Forget the usual suspects – cake, pasta and bread – here are five things that you might not expect to find gluten in…

  1. Soy sauce

Yep – this tasty sauce is terrible for the stuff. You can buy gluten-free soy sauce that tastes just as good, but it does mean your sushi days are numbered.

  1. Worcester sauce

Not as obvious as soy, but I discovered this after I added it to Bolognese once. Bad idea.

  1. Crisps

It does depend on the flavour, granted, but it tends to be the more unusual flavours that have it. Check the back of packs, but you’re generally safe with salt and vinegar or ready salted (and Kettle Chips!)

  1. Beer

In fairness, this is a pretty clear one. You can buy gluten-free beer, but I wouldn’t recommend it… you’ll just have to go without that Guinness.

  1. Stock cubes

This was another one when I made a terrible mistake before realising what it was. You can buy gluten free stock very easily.

As long as you bear in mind that gluten can be found in most soups and sauces, you should be safe. When making gravies or sauces at home, just change wheat flour with corn flour it will all be fine! Happy eating.

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