Five Apps for Yoga Enthusiasts

Wednesday 7 May 2014 by

1. Simple Yoga


Simple Yoga has both visual and audio instructions to take you through a variety of poses. With the option for 20, 40 or 60 minute workouts, and two levels of difficulty, this is a great app for yoga routines, whatever your level. You have to buy the full app to access the higher level workouts, but at just £2.49, it’s much cheaper than any class you might take.

2. Daily Yoga


Again, the visual and audio instructions make this app very easy to follow. It has a range of workouts to target individual areas, such as abs and waist, and comes with its own background relaxing music. You can favourite routines and there’s a ‘pose library’ for your reference. There is a subscription fee to access some of the features, which doesn’t make it as cost effective as some of the other apps, but the freely available content is certainly enough to get you started.


3. 3D Yoga


For the scientists out there (or those of us who’ve been told we have a problem with a specific muscle group) 3D yoga gives instructions for all the poses, along with clearly labelled anatomical pictures, with colour-coded muscles to indicate which you are stretching, which are shortening etc. It doesn’t have the audio guide, so perhaps more for the pros than the beginners. The full app costs £2.99.


4. Pocket Yoga


Pocket Yoga has an aesthetically pleasing interface, with 27 different workout routines, as well as information about all the different poses. Again, visual and audio instructions support your workout, but Pocket Yoga also supports Airplay, allowing you to play the routines on your television for easier viewing. Pocket Yoga also supports listening to music from your own library while you workout, allowing you to personalise your workouts further.


5. Yoga Face


For something a bit different, Yoga Face provides you with a quick facial muscle routine that is designed to help eliminate wrinkles and lines by firming up the muscles beneath the skin. You have to pay £2.49 for the full workout, but the free version has plenty to get you started.


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