Cocktail Bar: Red Russian

Friday 9 May 2014 by

This is not a cocktail for the faint-hearted. With no non-alcoholic mixer, the Red Russian is a hell of a cocktail…

Red Russian, Cocktail, Alcohol, Vodka, Cherry brandy

You will need:

  • Mixing glass
  • Ice
  • Aperitif glass

Red Russian, Cocktail, Alcohol


  • 45ml vodka
  • 20ml cherry brandy

Red Russian, Cocktail, Alcohol

How to make it:

In the mixing glass with ice, stir together your vodka and cherry brandy. Strain in to the aperitif glass (this is a small glass, usually with a long stem if you’re unsure) and serve really cold. This cocktail is sometimes made with strawberry schnapps, but the key is that red colour – hence the name Red Russian! Thankfully, an aperitif glass means you only have to have a little bit of this – it’s a strong one!

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