Fussy Eaters Fight Club: Macaroni Cheese & Mexican Lasagne

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#11 – Macaroni Cheese & Mexican Lasagne

Arthur stunned me last week by answering ‘What would you like for dinner?’ with ‘Pasta and sauce.’ Seriously. The child who hates sauces and will only very reluctantly eat pasta asked me for pasta and sauce.

Before he could change his mind I dug out the Ella’s Kitchen Red Book and set to making Macaroni Cheese. Depending on the Smalls love of cheese I decided to try and sneak in some cheeky extras – into the sauce went peas, mushrooms chopped smaller than I have ever chopped mushrooms before and a few rashers of bacon – again, chopped stupidly small.


Pasta smothered in this cheese sauce, topped off with even more cheese and baked in the oven resulted in, to my amazement, completely empty bowls and requests for seconds! There was none left by the time we had all finished and I had made a huge casserole dish full!


On the back of this I also made a tomato based sausage pasta bake a few days later and that went down the same way – it would appear we have cracked the pasta-and-sauce block. Hooray!!

The other new dish I tried out on them is a favourite of mine from Nick Coffer’s My Daddy Cooks book – Mexican Lasagne.

This is a super tasty dish that combines the structure of lasagne with a chilli-style mince and tortilla wraps.


Very tasty but not spicy (yet, I will work on adding a bit of chilli power of cayenne pepper to it each time I make it) – plenty of tasty things go into the mince (including the world’s biggest cinnamon stick!) meaning that even though it didn’t have the kick of a traditional chilli it still had masses of flavour.

This is all layered between tortilla wraps in place of pasta sheets, topped off with crème fraiche instead of traditional béchamel and, as ever, drowned in cheese.

It looks like a normal lasagne, the tortilla wraps even taste oddly pasta-y once it has cooked but it has a subtly different texture and overall taste that I really love and, the Smalls liked too! Well, Tori loved it, Arthur was tired and grumpy and needed a bit of persuading to get started but finished his bowlful despite insisting he didn’t like it every now and then. He never finishes anything he doesn’t really like so I’m fairly sure he was just being a grouch.


The last couple of weeks have given me hope – the Smalls seem a bit more open to trying new things before they announce that they hate them and the progress of sauces is fantastic because it makes it so much easier to sneak in vegetables! Arthur has even discovered a love of ketchup and mayonnaise, though you have to call them ‘red dipper’ and ‘white dipper’ otherwise he will say he doesn’t like them. Honestly, three year olds, who’d have ’em?

Until next time, good luck with your fussy eaters and remember:

The first rule of Fussy Eaters Fight Club is SHARE EVERYTHING THAT WORKS!

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