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The second episode of Almost Human had to not only exceed expectations but encourage watchers that this series is worth investing.

Almost Human – episode one – Skin


This week, Kennex and Dorian are trying to track down some shady Albanians trading in sex-bots (you can tell they are shady because one has a neck tattoo *rolls eyes*)

Can we take a moment to do a sarcastic dance because basically this episode is a futuristic take on the sex trade, which seems to mean lots of women in very little clothing and I-haven’t-had-sex-in-a-while/penis jokes. Hurrah.

If you can’t tell, I’m going to struggle to fairly review this episode because the whole premise got to me. There was nothing substantial to the overall moral, nothing interrogative about the plot line, and when it becomes an excessive display of flesh and boy jokes, I lose interest.

But I persisted, because I want to believe in J.H Wyman as a director, and I want to hold faith that the Urban/Ealy partnership will bring dividends.

In futuristic Almost Human-world, it turns out that sex-bots are perfectly legal. But sex-bots that leave human DNA everywhere they touch? That’s a no-no. When a businessman turns up murdered and a sex-bot is their only lead, Kennex and Dorian are on a race against time to discover who is making these illegal androids.

Cut a long story short: women are going missing and their skin (hence the episode title) is turning up on these androids which basically means Kennex and Dorian have to find the abducted women. In the meantime, we have Kennex dealing with kids (he’s not very good at it) and Dorian coming face to face with empathic androids and getting all those mushy human feelings his model was so criticised for.

The programme seems to be trying to balance itself between sci-fi action and emotional grit. Only Ealy is carrying this off with any kind of skill (oh, Karl, you disappoint), flickering between action hero, comedy sidekick and soulful brooding with ease. Urban, on the other hand, is awkward and it’s often just plain uncomfortable viewing. There is a little bit of uncertainty in the role still, I think, and Urban has yet to find his feet between traumatised cop and crime-fighting supreme.

In this episode, the story feels half-formed, intended more to bring in the viewings than strengthen the programme – more a LOOK AT ME THERE ARE NAKED WOMEN than a real plotline. I don’t feel convinced to stay; rather, I am already looking around at programmes like Penny Dreadful and the return of the astounding Hannibal to entertain me…

What did you think of the second episode of Almost Human?
Will you still be watching?

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