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There’s a wealth of advice out there for writers at every stage of their careers. Podcasts I find particularly useful, as they often feature Q&A sessions, allowing a degree of interactivity. Also, I have to read so much, it’s nice to have someone talking to me about something instead of picking up another book for once.

So, without further ado, here are some of the best Podcasts for writers.


Writing Excuses


Hosted by four successful writers, Writing Excuses is a fifteen minute mini dose of writing advice. Usually the episodes discuss a given topic, though there are occasionally ‘Microcasting’ shows that answer direct questions from the listeners. If a particularly good question is posed, sometimes it becomes the topic of a future episode. The panel discussion means a variety of opinions are put forwards, and guest speakers are often brought in, keeping things fresh. And though in reality, the podcasts are closer to twenty minutes, this is still the best short burst podcast on writing I’ve listened to. Perfect for those moments when you don’t have a great deal of time.


Grammar Girl


Although this does largely deal with American grammar, there’s often really interesting investigation of the way language changes and the origins of certain idioms and words that are popular in current day English. Even if your grammar is good, this is a great podcast to keep you thinking about your use of language. And with episodes averaging about seven minutes long, it won’t fry your brain with too many complex concepts at once.


The Writing Show


This podcast ended in 2012, but the archives are all still available to download. The fact that those archives date back to 2005 mean that some of the information is a little out dated, but between that is a wealth of information on a huge range of areas within writing. Where most writing shows stick to the business of writing, The Writing Show spends a lot of time on the Writing Business – how to make money, various pathways for writers that aren’t to do with writing fiction, as well as all the usual advice about agents and editors and slush piles that you might expect.


I Should Be Writing


When ‘I Should Be Writing’ started, host Mur Lafferty was a wannabe fiction writer. Now, she’s the Campbell Award Winning writer of two books out with Orbit. She’s been through a lot on her journey to published author, and she’s sharing it with her listeners so they know they’re not alone. Focusing a lot on the emotional journey involved in writing, as well as the technical side of getting agents and writing good prose, and featuring interviews with a huge range of authors, if you only listen to one podcast on writing, this should probably be it.

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