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Despite its shaky start I actually kind of missed Almost Human when I wasn’t watching it. Maybe it was just the awkward Karl Urban and cute Michael Ealy (and I was hoping there was less superfluous nudity).

Almost Human – episode two – Are You Receiving?


This week’s topic is hostages. A group of terrorists take a bunch of hostages in order to negotiate for some weaponry… or so you think.

Kennex and Dorian are in the building, working their way up the floors to rescue the hostages, their only way of knowing what is happening through a phone call with an employee hiding from the hostage takers.

But the weaponry isn’t the real reason for the hostage situation – it’s to cover a heist going on over the road.

Sounds complicated, right?

This episode was as simple as the rest of them – a plotline heavily supported by witty dialogue and some action scenes for Urban and Ealy to be heroic in. This is one of those episodes you will enjoy for the pure abandon of intellectual story – the simple nature of just being a good watch. In one fell swoop this programme has redeemed itself. We have been spoiled with the complex dramas of Game of Thrones and Hannibal and even, to an extent, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. But what we really need now is something that doesn’t tax us, that doesn’t need too much brainpower.

Almost Human takes you on a rip-roaring cop drama, with touching moments of friendship, dramatic moments of peril, fast-moving moments of plot twists and with a satisfyingly good ending. Each episode wraps up neatly, so you don’t ever have to hang on, but with little touches of a longer mystery to keep you watching.

The hostages are sort of superfluous to the overall story of Kennex and Dorian and their budding friendship (Kennex seems to have got over his hatred of androids). The relationship feels genuine and is one of the more pleasant things of the season so far. Urban is settling in to his role, if a little slower than Ealy, and the pairing is a good one, which can only get better.

There are other characters that need more development, but with each weekly story we are distracted by the overall plot they are feeding us, leaving those left back at the police station un-investigated. There is a lot still to improve – not least a step away from some of the more clichéd subjects of the story (so far: a raid, prostitutes and hostages). But for some reason, leaving it a few extra days between watching episodes, I’ve developed some sort of nostalgia for it and actually felt quite pleased to settle down and watch this episode; it feels like a comforting friend.

I’d love for it to last, and feel hopeful that the Kennex/Dorian duo will carry an entertaining season, but slightly forgetful once mixed with the big guns.

Rating, Four, Review

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