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Time to sigh in sadness, because it’s the penultimate episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and then we will have to wait for a WHOLE YEAR (okay, maybe not that long), and there is NO WAY all of these plot lines are going to be wrapped up in the space of two episodes…

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D – episode twenty-one – Ragtag

*Lots of spoilers!*

Can we make up our mind about Ward yet? Is he good or bad?

This episode left me scratching my head a little – not least because it seemed like Ward was finally going back to Good Guy, and yet still ended up as Baddie. Add to that the reappearance of Quinn, the revelation that Garrett is not quite what he seems, and the general running-around of Coulson and co., and you’ll be forgiven for scratching your head too.

Where to begin?

Interspersed with flashbacks about Ward and his initial recruitment in to Hydra (is this a hint of more flashbacks for other members of the team?), Coulson and team are on a mission to track down Ward and Garrett, with limited resources. When they do eventually track them to Cuba, it doesn’t go quite as planned.

I’ll be completely honest: the idea that Ward has just killed Fitz and Simmons is completely incomprehensible. I can’t bear it and I won’t believe it: the duo are perhaps the lightest of reliefs, despite their shaky start, and there is still a whiff of Good Guy Ward underneath it all.

And I’ve literally no idea how Coulson etc. are going to get out of a basement filled with super soldiers.

I get the feeling this episode was just the precursor to a HUGE finale (perhaps appropriately called Beginning of the End). From finding out Garrett is half-machine, to the cliff-hanger with Quinn offering super soldiers to the American army, we have a lot of things to tie up. And I hope that it’s done in a suitably Whedon-esque manner (read: gut-wrenching, tense and a good few explosions). This episode, enjoyable though it was, feels a bit forgetful. It’s like the timid rumble of thunder before then crashing storm – exciting but ultimately outshone by its successor.

By no means has it slid back to meh status, but rather is a tantalising promise for the finale, without stealing the show.

Rating, Review, Three

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