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Monday 2 June 2014 by

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I regularly find myself missing out on all the fantastic non-fiction there is out there. I’m so consumed by my need to read the latest fiction or an author I already I know and love that I miss some non-fiction I really should be reading. With that in mind I’m committing myself to non-fiction reading throughout June and I’m documenting some of this experience right here!

I’m planning to read 3-6 non-fiction books throughout the month as a minimum and you can look out for reviews of the following right here:

  • Retromania – Pop Culture‘s Addiction to its Own Past – Simon Reynolds
  • Harry‘s Last Stand – Harry Leslie Smith
  • Estates: An Intimate History – Lynsey Hanley

I think these three cover different areas of, well, anything but fiction which are particularly interesting and of interest to me. I’ve started Retromania already and am getting completely immersed in the concept of pop and whether retro has a place in it at all.

Harry’s Last Stand is written by an author who I have read the fictional works of and so when I saw his autobiography, with a political twist, I decided it had to be added to my list. Harry‘s Last Stand has been subtitled How the World My Generation Built is Falling Down, and What We Can Do to Save it and seems to be a damning look at modern society on a global scale and how it isn’t what those who lived and died through world wars had expected. As a 91-year old veteran Harry Leslie Smith’s point of view will surely have some insights I can’t have considered before.

Estates: An Intimate History has been hiding on my Kindle for far too long and I should have got to it sooner. Now is the perfect moment however and I’m keen to see what Hanley has to say about these developments which have gone from a wonderful development, for the good of society, to areas which have fallen into disrepute, almost slum-like and abandoned. Hanley began life on the largest council estate in Europe so I’m really interested in her views. I live on a housing estate which was mainly social housing until 1970s and the introduction of Right to Buy so I’m interested in hearing what Hanley has to say about it all.

There we go then, my small non-fiction reading challenge – I’m looking forward to it!

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