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Bunny Loves to Learn by Peter Bently, Illustrated by Emma Foster & Deborah Melmon


Bunny Loves to Learn, Peter Bently, Emma Foster, Deborah Melmon, Picture books, Book, Parragon Books Ltd.

This delightful picture book from Parragon Books Ltd. follows Buster the bunny and his classmates as they embark on a new school project. They each have to choose a costume from the box, learn about the people who would have worn those clothes and then make something from the era of their subject to share with the class at the end of the day.

This simple idea makes for a surprisingly fun book as the friends pick out their costumes and turn to different sources to find things out. Max the Mouse can’t decide what to be and his friends help him with ideas using books and the class computer.

There are strong themes of friendship and helping others as the friends help each other research and build their craft projects. Tori got very excited when they started dressing up as Vikings and princesses and told me about her dressing up corner in her classroom at school. The similarities helped her to connect with the story and the characters and lead to lots of conversations about what she does at school and the friends she is making.

With a funny twist at the end where Max finally decides on his subject, the story kept both Tori and Arthur’s attention throughout which is something a lot of books don’t manage – usually one or other of them loses interest half-way through.

I enjoyed reading this book with them because it opened up so many opportunities to discuss what the characters were doing and the clever illustrations gave us plenty to spot and talk about as well. Arthur is still at Pre-School but even he recognised the environment as familiar and connected it with his own routine of playing with friends and dressing up.

The illustrations are brilliant, mostly drawn but with a sprinkling of photographic images blended in to create an almost collage effect that really brings out the detail and makes it all feel a bit more ‘real’.  For example in the detail shown here, the pencils and their pot and the laptop are ‘real’ whilst the rest of the page is cartoon drawings. The two mediums blend seamlessly and create a very rich feel to the book which I really liked.

Bunny Loves to Learn, Peter Bently, Emma Foster, Deborah Melmon, Picture books, Book, Parragon Books Ltd.

Bunny Loves to Learn has an RRP of £5.99 and is a fantastic addition to any child’s book collection, particularly those who are just about to start school or have just started.  There are also two other books in the Bunny Loves series – Bunny Loves to Readand Bunny Loves to Write and I am planning to add them to our bookshelves soon.

NB: I received my copy from Parragon Books Ltd as part of their BookBuddies scheme in return for an honest review.

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