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Falling, Emma Kavanagh, Century, BookFalling by Emma Kavanagh

Published by Century

A plane falls out of the sky. A woman is murdered. Four people all have something to hide.

Jim is a retired police officer, and worried father. His beloved daughter has disappeared and he knows something is wrong.

Tom has woken up to discover that his wife was on the plane and must break the news to their only son.

Cecilia had packed up and left her family. Now she has survived a tragedy, and sees no way out.

Freya is struggling to cope with the loss of her father. But as she delves into his past, she may not like what she finds.

‘Before the plane crash, after the plane crash, such a short amount of time for the world to turn on its head.’


I belong to a book group that has been together for probably over 15 years and is made up of good friends from the village I live in – over the years we have shared the ups and downs of our lives, coming together once a month ostensibly to discuss a book. At the end of every one of those evenings, my soul has been nourished with the love and friendship I encounter amongst those people. So choosing a book for this precious gathering carries some responsibility and this month we chose Falling by Emma Kavanagh – the initial recommendation came from Good Housekeeping (goodness, we have now completely fallen into the clichéd middle aged village mums category) and we decided that it had been a while since we had read a thriller.

This is Emma Kavanagh’s first novel and it comes imbued with her former profession of police psychologist. The characters are all linked by the episode of a plane crash and the falling sensation of the title continues as the impact reverberates through their lives. The background theme of snow falling echoes this and the slow thaw reveals the truths behind each of the lives depicted.

I liked Emma’s style of writing, with short sharp chapters headed with the date and time, although some of the descriptions of scenes were rather clunky but appealed to my pictorial imagination. The facts used to flesh out the story stood up to scrutiny although some assumptions about the behaviour and reactions of the characters were a little far-fetched – would a father and doting husband really withhold information from his wife?

I read the book quite quickly and the language hurried you on – you need to find out who has done what before the plane crash fades away with the melting snow.

I am looking forward to my book group meeting to find out what the rest of the group think but personally I would recommend this as a sharp, pacy thriller that keeps you in suspense.

Cathy is a wife, mother and portfolio career woman; she loves reading and would happily spend every hour of every day with her nose buried in a good book. A bilingual and word-whizz, she can also complete The Times Su Doku in 10 minutes flat… if it’s easy.

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