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When Emmie mentioned she was doing a blog tour for her upcoming FIRST NOVEL The Masked Songbird there was no question – of course she’d appear on House of Blog! You may already recognise Emmie from her own blog and as founder of geek/feminist blog Searching for SuperWomen. As an astounding writer (plus Buffy superfan and one of the funniest Twitter-ers around), it’s no surprise that her first novel was snaffled pretty quickly (by Harlequin- out July 2014).

Today, Emmie is right here, telling you how to grab that inspiration by the horns and show it who’s boss…

Bottling That Flash of Inspiration

Inspiration can be a funny thing when you’re writing. Sometimes you have to bang your head on your desk for an hour before anything resembling words come out on the screen. Other times you sit down and it’s like your fingertips do a Care Bear stare that shoots rainbows out on the pages until you suddenly have five thousand words that didn’t exist before.

I think we’ve also all sat straight up in our Batman underoos at three in the morning with a brilliant upon brilliant idea… only to forget it by morning.

When we get that lightbulb-unicorn-Poké-inspiration, how do we catch it before it gets away?

1. Be Prepared.

While it may be Scar’s motto, it’s also really sound advice. I keep a notebook and a pen by my bed, in every purse I have, in my car, and basically within arm’s reach at any given moment. If something pops out at me, I have the means to write it down.

Of course, it’s up to you to make sure you don’t just lose all those notebooks or forget about them for ten years, but sometimes stumbling across a notebook with tantalizing bits of tasty potential fiction can happen at just the right moment.

2. Let It Steep

Sometimes a single line will pop into your head. For me, that’s what happened with the opening of THE MASKED SONGBIRD. It sat on my computer for about a month in its own little Google Doc until one day I went to see a movie, saw they were rebooting Spider-Man ALREADY, and a bunch of things coalesced in my brain-stuff. POOF. That line had a home. Six weeks later, I had a book.

Sometimes you’ll get everything you need all at once, but other times your little cache of ideas needs some time and other ingredients before you can go all “double, double, toil and trouble” all over it.

3. Get Out

I’ve found that I tend to get more of these little flashes of inspiration when I’m out and about. I’ll overhear something or watch something happen, or sometimes I’ll just have a bunch of things happen at once that culminate in a lightbulb fizzing into being above my head.

The real world is full of a lot of crazy stuff, and if you get out and experience it, sometimes the right combination of crazy around you will give you the ideas you need to make fresh fiction.

4. Apply Judicious Theft

No, I’m not saying go plagiarize. I’m saying read. A lot. Watch movies. Study television episodes. See what works and what doesn’t. Enjoy the stories others have written. Sometimes one will bring up a simple question that has little to do with THAT story but will spur your mind to think of a whole new one.

A few months ago I was reading a fantasy novel and a single line about the length of a week in that world spawned an entire novel idea that has nothing at all to do with the book I was reading. You never know when something will click. Give your brain the powder, and something just might ignite it.

5. Write

It might sound weird to say to write when you don’t have anything to say, but sometimes free writing can be like a quick rap on a jar lid that won’t loosen up. Write about the weather, about the workers digging in front of the house, about the way your cat walks across the carpet. You never know when something will start to swirl in your head and become an idea.


Emmie Mears, Author, About Emmie

Emmie Mears was born in Austin, Texas, where the Lone Star state promptly spat her out at the tender age of three months. After a childhood spent mostly in Alaska, Oregon, and Montana, she became a proper vagabond and spent most of her time at university devising ways to leave the country.

Except for an ill-fated space opera she attempted at age nine, most of Emmie’s childhood was spent reading books instead of writing them. Growing up she yearned to see girls in books doing awesome things, and struggled to find stories in her beloved fantasy genre that showed female heroes saving people and hunting things. Mid-way through high school, she decided the best way to see those stories was to write them herself. She now scribbles her way through the fantasy genre, most loving to pen stories about flawed characters and gritty situations lightened with the occasional quirky humor.

Emmie now lives in her eighth US state, still yearning for a return to Scotland. She inhabits a cozy domicile outside DC with two felines who think they’re lions and tigers.


The Masked Songbird, Emmie Mears, Harlequin, Book
The Masked Songbird

Mildly hapless Edinburgh accountant Gwenllian Maule is surviving. She’s got a boyfriend, a rescued pet bird and a flatmate to share rent. Gwen’s biggest challenges: stretching her last twenty quid until payday and not antagonizing her terrifying boss.

Then Gwen mistakenly drinks a mysterious beverage that gives her heightened senses, accelerated healing powers and astonishing strength. All of which come in handy the night she rescues her activist neighbour from a beat-down by political thugs.

Now Gwen must figure out what else the serum has done to her body, who else is interested and how her boss is involved. Finally – and most mysteriously- she must uncover how this whole debacle is connected to the looming referendum on Scottish independence.

Gwen’s hunt for answers will test her superpowers and endanger her family, her friends – even her country.

You can pre-order The Masked Songbird here! Released in a box set, you get four great paranormal and urban fantasy books for less than $4!

Follow Emmie on Twitter @EmmieMears and join her on Facebook!

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