A Month of Non-Fiction: The Round-Up

Saturday 28 June 2014 by

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So, there has been a whole month of non-fiction going on then. Well, there has in the most part. I have tried to ensure I stick to non-fiction reads and I did read and review the three books I planned to for House of Blog whilst also finding more and more books I want to read because of those (there is no end to the TBR pile and this is a good thing).

It was good for me, I feel somewhat disconnected sometimes as I delve into piles of fiction, some completely out of this world but most in similar worlds to our own but not quite right. Historical fiction is another of my favourites but sometimes rather than travelling back 200 years we should really be looking forward that many, or at least trying to, and that’s what I think I learned from the books I chose to read this month.

I have found myself engrossed in people’s political ideologies and their thoughts for where the world might end up. I have found myself passionate about things that I didn’t know I really felt anything for before and remembering things that I learned many years ago but have been brought to the surface by the books I’ve chosen this month.

The three books I read for House of Blog were all very different. Harry’s Last Stand stood out as the most memorable, whilst Retromania wasn’t a book which really appealed to my tastes, preferring a wider cultural discussion rather than one focused on music. I have delved into further politics, political science and economics books with Naomi Klein and Ha-Joon Chang moving quickly up my wishlist (and read list for the copies that I may have bought this month… oops).

I think I’ve found the kind of non-fiction that inspires me and makes me wish I was still able to spend days researching and writing about what I’d learned and creating my own theories. A novel or two may have slipped in throughout the month but they were entirely necessary and not part of the bulk of my reading.

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