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Anthony and the Ants is another cheeky and colourful picture book from Parragon Books Ltd.

Anthony and the Ants, Gemma Raynor, Parragon Books Ltd., Book, Children's book

This one has become an immediate favourite – I haven’t been allowed to just read it once in a sitting yet, it always has to be at least twice!

Anthony is an anteater who eats the most delicious meals – or at least he would, if they didn’t keep wandering off his table whenever he sits down to eat! On closer inspection he discovers it is some sneaky little ants running off with his dinner and after a while he gets so cross that he rescues an apple and jumps in his aeroplane to find somewhere else to eat – away from the ants!

But somebody else lives on the mountain he goes to and they have other ideas about what’s for breakfast…

This simple story by Gemma Raynor is good fun – there is lots to look at in the pictures. We spent ages spotting foods and talking about what we did and didn’t like for our breakfast, lunch and dinner and Tori and Arthur thought the tiny ants running away with the whole tablecloth was hilarious.

The clever twist at the end leads to a cute and simple message about friendship and sharing – Anthony and the ants decide that everything would be better if they worked together and shared all the food.

I loved the clear but fun font used for the text and the way that the writing wasn’t in boring straight blocks but was still easy to follow and read without getting confused. This is great for Tori who is just starting to read independently but still likes the appeal of picture books – she uses the pictures for guidance if the words get tough. She has curled up with Anthony and the Ants a few times before school for some quiet time and has done her best to read it to Arthur by herself too. It is very funny listening to her asking him to find all the different foods in her best ‘teacher’ voice.

Anthony and the Ants, Gemma Raynor, Children's books, Parragon Books Ltd.

Tori is developing a fascination with insects at the moment so this has a topic she enjoys right at the heart, it also has lots of food which appeals to Mr Bottomless Pit, Arthur. I enjoy sharing this book with them both and I love that it is one Tori chooses to read alone too, maybe it will be one she fondly remembers when she is older like I do with Huff the Hedgehog an old battered 1960s reading scheme book that I literally read almost to death as a child.

NB: I received my copy from Parragon Books Ltd as part of their BookBuddies scheme in return for an honest review.

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