Cocktail Bar: Blueberry Mint Juleps

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Blueberry mint julep, Bourbon, Cocktail, Alcohol

I’m totally in love with How Sweet It Is – a blog by the charming Jessica, for people who “totally love food”. But it’s not just food! Jessica loves cocktails just as much as I do, and often comes up with a fresh twist on the more traditional cocktails. I’ve been dying to try her blueberry mint juleps for a while now, and although I was tempted to attempt some wild Fourth of July-inspired cocktail, with the weather demanding cool and fruity drinks, how could I resist…

Blueberry mint julep, Alcohol, Bourbon, Cocktail

You will need:

  • Old-fashioned glass
  • Crushed ice
  • Blender
  • Saucepan


  • 75ml bourbon
  • 30ml mint simple syrup (see below on how to make it)
  • 30ml mint blueberry purée (again, see below)
  • Fresh mint leaves

How to make it:

This might seem a bit fiddly to make, but trust me when I say it’s worth it! First up, make your simple syrup and blueberry mint purée…

Mint simple syrup, Cocktail

You’ll need a third of a cup of granulated sugar, and third of a cup of water and a bunch of mint leaves (a third of a cup of sugar converts to about 43g, and a third of a cup of water is around 70ml – basically it needs to be about equal amounts of both) for the mint simple syrup. Combine it all together in a saucepan and heat over a high heat until boiling (stir constantly or it burns!) Reduce the heat to let it simmer for a minute, then set aside to cool. Once you’re ready to use it, remove the mint.

Blueberry, Blueberry puree, Cocktail

The mint blueberry purée requires two thirds of a cup of fresh blueberries and two tablespoons of the simple syrup you’ve just made. I used a large handful of blueberries and this worked fine. Just blend it all up until it’s puréed.

Once you have your purée and simple syrup, combine the remaining syrup, the purée and the bourbon – shake or stir according to preference – and serve over crushed ice (add mint leaves for decoration). Ta da!

Blueberry mint julep, Alcohol, Bourbon, Cocktail, Mint

I can’t get over how much I love these. The mint and blueberries are the perfect combination, with the bite of the bourbon serving as a naughty aftertaste. Head over to How Sweet It Is to check out the other variation of this cocktail she has tried (pineapple mint juleps, anyone?) and don’t even get me started on her mojito mixes *dissolves in to boozy bliss*

As for this, it’s so refreshing and delicious you might want to watch how many you’re drinking. Plus, it’s easy to multiply up the ingredients in order to make a round. Why not serve these instead of room-temperature beer at your next barbecue and impress everyone!

Blueberry mint julep, Cocktail, Alcohol, Mint

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