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It’s funny how university throws you in with people. I met Carole when we were doing Creative Writing, and instantly hit it off. Despite the fact university is many (many) years ago, I have always kept up with Carole and her adventures. When Carole Finds Her Wings launched, it became the prompt I needed to start my first ever blog and things have gone from strength to strength from there. Now Carole contributes right here on House of Blog, sharing her quests in much the same way as she always has – with eloquence and a smile. Without a doubt, one of my favourite bloggers (and people) out there…

About Me

Back in the Summer of 2010 I was missing university life something terrible – I had an almost-one year old baby and graduation seemed a million years ago even though it hadn’t even been 12 months. To try and combat this, Loralei and I bought tickets to attend the Alt. Fiction conference together to try and reignite our writing passion and give us a boost as to how to fit it into our new ‘grown-up’ (haha) lives.

One of the things that came up in a talk was how important it was for writers to have an online presence these days and so, I came home and looked into starting up a book blog.

It was going to be a place for book reviews, pieces about writing and reading and somewhere to post bits of fiction and poetry to get some feedback – Carole Finds Her Wings was born with an awkward ‘Hello, I’m here!’ post… and promptly followed up with a recipe that was nothing to do with books!

And so it evolved – it’s a blog about being a parent (first to one and now to two); it’s a blog about writing; it’s a blog about living with Post-Natal Depression; a blog about family life, days out and adventures; it’s a food blog with recipes and playing along with the Great British Bake Off; it’s a blog about books I love and books I loathe; it’s my little corner of the internet and it is full of all the different things that make me who I am.

Read an excerpt from Carole Finds Her Wings now:

Dalek, Baking, Carole Finds Her WingsHow to Bake and Dalek (and how NOT to!)

It was Caius’s birthday last weekend and I have been hatching a plan for a few months.

You see, one of my 101 things in 1001 days was to organise a themed birthday and I suddenly realised I was running out of birthdays before my deadline in April. Then I saw the Lakeland range of Doctor Who 50th Anniversary products and fell in love and knew what I wanted my theme to be.

You can read more here.

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