Cocktail Bar: Cherry Negroni

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Cherry Negroni, Cocktail, Alcohol, Campari

Still on the Cherries Are the Best Food Ever waggon? Good. So whilst your cherry vodka is still percolating, why not crack out the cherry brandy instead? This yummy cherry negroni is equal parts cherry brandy, sweet vermouth, gin and Campari, topped off with orange peel. Dead easy and is a delightfully glamorous ruby colour afterwards. A posh-looking cocktail with half the effort!

Cherry Negroni, Cocktail, Alcohol, Campari

You will need:

  • Old-fashioned glass
  • Ice cubes
  • Orange slice/peel to garnish

Cherry Negroni, Cocktail, Alcohol, Campari


  • 25ml cherry brandy
  • 25ml gin
  • 25ml sweet vermouth
  • 25ml Campari

Cherry Negroni, Cocktail, Alcohol, Campari

How to make it:

Pour your ingredients in to the glass (over ice), give them a good stir, and add the orange peel for effect. Serve.

No need for strainers, cocktail shakers, or any other fancy malarkey. It also means you can scale up to make a jug-worth if you’re serving at parties (not recommended if you’re making it for just you…) You do have to be a fan of cherry brandy with this one though, because the rich brandy is by far the strongest flavour in there, with the gin and sweet vermouth as balancers.

Of course, the basis of this whole cocktail is Campari – the standard ingredient for any negroni (a traditional Italian negroni comprises of gin, vermouth rosso and Campari). The added kick of the cherry brandy is a bonus!

Cherry Negroni, Cocktail, Alcohol, Campari

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