Fussy Eaters Fight Club: Squishy Salmon Fishcakes

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#13 – Squishy Salmon Fish Cakes

I took a risk this week and decided to give the kids Salmon. They don’t have fish very often and it has varying results – for example Arthur won’t eat fish and chips but he once stole half my portion of fresh smoked mackerel in a café.

I found a recipe in the Ella’s Kitchen Red Book for Squishy Salmon Fishcakes and decided to give them a try – mostly because they looked beautiful in the picture and I love a challenge.

I peeled and chopped potatoes and carrots and set them to boil for mashing and poached the salmon in some water then waited for it to cool before flaking it (and de-boning it because whoever was in charge of filleting my ‘boneless’ salmon clearly did it with their eyes closed).

Whilst the mash and the salmon were cooling down I fried some thinly sliced green beans and leeks until they were tender but not losing their colour before throwing in the mash and the salmon and a sprinkle of parsley and stirring it all up.

Ella's Kitchen Red Book, Food, Kids, Recipes, Squishy salmon fishcakes, Fussy Eaters Fight Club

Then was the ‘fun’ part of trying to mould it into fish shapes. It was too squidgy to treat like cookie dough so I just had to spoon the mix into the fish-shaped cutter and then gently lift it off and hope I didn’t accidentally break it.

Transferring these into a frying pan and then turning them over half way through cooking was… interesting. Several ceased to look like fish but luckily I only really needed two to work (the grown ups had the mushed ones!)

Ella's Kitchen Red Book, Food, Kids, Recipes, Squishy salmon fishcakes, Fussy Eaters Fight Club

I served them with home-made sweet potato wedges and peas – carefully arranged to look pretty on the plates (I spooned more peas on afterwards) only for them to be poked, mashed, sniffed and generally completely and utterly rejected by both Smalls. Arthur hated the sweet potato so much he spat it back out onto the plate and cried – something he hasn’t done for about six months with food.

Caius and I quite liked them all though – we thought they were tasty!

They were fairly simple to make overall but it was a bit time consuming and a whole lot of faff making them look like the ones in the book – if I try them again some time I will just make them round!

Until next time, good luck with your fussy eaters and remember:

The first rule of Fussy Eaters Fight Club is SHARE EVERYTHING THAT WORKS!

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