Cocktail Bar: Earl Grey Martini

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Earl Grey martini, Tea, Alcohol, Cocktail, Gin

There aren’t many drinks I like more than tea. I’ve got a bit of an obsession with it. This is why the Earl Grey martini is the ideal cocktail for me – combining two of the best kinds of drinks you can imagine!

Earl Grey martini, Tea, Alcohol, Cocktail, Gin

You will need:

Saucepan (to make the sugar syrup)

Cocktail shaker

Martini glass

Earl Grey martini, Tea, Alcohol, Cocktail, Gin


3 Earl Grey teabags

90ml gin

Ice cubes

Juice from 1 and a half large lemons

60ml sugar syrup

Earl Grey martini, Tea, Alcohol, Cocktail, Gin

How to make it:

To make the sugar syrup, you need equal amounts of water and caster sugar (in this case, 120ml water and 120g caster sugar). Add the sugar to the water and heat in the saucepan over a low flame until the sugar is dissolved. Leave to cool completely. Meanwhile, steep the teabags in the gin for 10 minutes or so. Over ice in the cocktail shaker, strain in your infused gin, add the lemon juice and sugar syrup, and shake well. Strain again in to your martini glass and run a lemon wedge around the rim to finish. Ta da! One delicious martini. It’s such a gentle cocktail that it’s perfect for pre-dinner drinks, or (if you’re going to be super-indulgent) as an alcoholic alternative for your afternoon tea!

Earl Grey martini, Tea, Alcohol, Cocktail, Gin

If you need a garnish, try a thin slice of lemon, as you would for a normal cup of Earl Grey.

This does have a very distinctive Earl Grey taste, so unless you like this black tea (delicate, scented with bergamot so with a citrus aftertaste) you probably won’t like it. The good news is, teas make for great martini flavours! Try switching in Lady Grey for a bit more zing (another delicate flavour, with bergamot, lemon and orange), or branching out with this green tea martini. The possibilities are endless!

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