Beauty Review: No7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser

Saturday 16 August 2014 by

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Always on the hunt for new skincare products, I had heard nothing but good things about the Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser. But, without a stockist nearby, and not willing to pay the extra for delivery on one item, I’ve been on the hunt for an alternative for a while.

I think I may have found it.

The No7 Beautiful Skin hot cloth cleanser (£9.95, which gets you a 200ml bottle and a muslin cloth) beats the Liz Earle equivalent in price instantly (£26.25 for a 200ml bottle with a muslin cloth), so that’s a big plus! It has a beautiful creamy texture, with a slightly floral scent, and really feels like it’s lifting all the dirt and impurities away without drying my skin too much. Often cleansers can leave my skin feeling dry and tight, but I have a lovely, plumped-fresh feeling straight after and no tautness. It even helps to counter some of the redness across my cheeks and nose.

To use, you only need two pumps at most – it goes a long way. With your fingertips, rub in to dry skin in a circular motion. Run the muslin cloth under warm water, wring out, and place over your face for a moment to open your pores. Use the cloth to polish off the cleanser in circular motions and then splash your face with cool water to close the pores again.

I use this every other day and have already noticed a difference – I’m already getting a lot less breakouts, and those that do strike don’t last as long! Although the scent errs on the clinical side (it is very vaguely scented), it’s not an unpleasant smell, and the texture is just absolutely divine – smooth and creamy and glides on with ease. Plus, because you use so little, it lasts ages. At such a good price, I think it’s a keeper. The only shame is that the muslin cloths aren’t sold separately, as they do lose their exfoliating quality after a while.

Hot cloth cleansers are all the rage at the moment, and it’s easy to see why; a simple addition to the skincare routine, with almost instant results. The No7 Beautiful Skin hot cloth cleanser is definitely a contender for one of the best out there.

I’ve been trying a couple of No7 face masks as well, so reviews of those coming soon…

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  1. dawn

    I have been using the no7 hot cloth cleanser for some weeks now and much prefer this to liz earle,it has a slightly thicker consistency and more gentle to the face and cleans makeup beautifully.. Plus you get an extra 100ml and it only costs £10,will continue to use this.


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