Beauty Review: No7 Beautiful Skin Pore Vacuum Mask

Wednesday 27 August 2014 by

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One Boots splurge later and I am stocked up on No7 treats! Having discovered the more affordable wonders of the No7 hot cloth cleanser, I decided to give a couple of their face masks a go. First up is the No7 Beautiful Skin pore vacuum mask, £14. This green-brown clay mask is designed to deep clean, removing excess oils, and reducing the appearance of pores. It’s a peel-off mask, so dries very quickly, and has little scent (a vague odour of clay, but not much). To use: apply a generous amount to cleansed skin – target problem areas, but do try to avoid broken skin where possible – and leave to dry for around 10 minutes (you’ll know when it’s done because you can’t move your face!). Then simply peel-and-reveal for your new, healthier-looking skin.

I’m quite a fan of this mask – I like the fact it’s a peel-off, so requires very little effort (and no accidentally rubbing face mask in to new towels…) and that it’s pretty scentless so remains relatively unoffensive. Using it once or twice a week, depending on how my skin is faring, I really have noticed a difference. My pores are less visible and my skin feels less oily in the process. Although the “deep cleansing” promise of any product never quite delivers, I do feel like my skin is starting to feel cleaner and fresher. Combining this with the rest of my daily routine (including the hot cloth cleanser), and my skin is becoming less clogged and much happier for it. A £14 tube has lasted me ages, so is worth the price tag – and it is much better quality than the 99p face masks you get! Ever the No7 devotee (their mascaras and nail varnishes are a staple of my make-up bag), I am increasingly impressed with their skincare, particularly their Beautiful Skin range, and their face masks are a feather in a very worthy cap.

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