Five Free Apps for Word Game Enthusiasts

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Letterpress, App, Word game


A simple interface makes this a really clean, fun game to play. You play with a friend, competing to control the letter tiles on the board. Each tile you use to make a word becomes your colour. Your opponent can steal the tiles by using them. Any tiles completely surrounded by your colour become unstealable for as long as they remain surrounded. The game ends when all the tiles are coloured, the winner having the most tiles in their colour. Some of the boards are very easy – anything with an ‘s’, ‘ed’ or ‘ing’ allows for lots of combinations of words. But when you get a board with ‘xxzkj’ the real challenge becomes finding away to use all those weird letters!

Ruzzle, App, Word game


Combining the addictive ‘starred level’ game play with word play fun, Ruzzle Adventure features many variations on the ‘connect letters to make words’ theme. From speed matching letters to propel yourself out of a well, to breaking apart blocks by forming words using the letters they contain, Ruzzle has hundreds of levels to beat. They start very easy but quickly become challenging, so this will keep you entertained for a good while.

WordCollapse, App, Word game


Connect blocks to create words, but do it in a specific order to clear a board that collapses as you clear it, constantly forming new letter combinations. The levels give you a general theme – it starts with fruit – to give you an idea where to begin. The app is simple, but well designed, and with 125 levels for free, there’s plenty to keep you going. Get through all that and still want more, and there are thousands of levels available to download, in just about every theme imaginable, for 69p per pack.

Letris 4, App, Word game

Letris 4

Though the title would have you believe the gameplay is similar to Tetris, really this is just another ‘connect the letters’ game, the only link being that the letters fall from the top of the screen at increasing speed as you play. Featuring several different modes of play – from classic ‘storyline’ mode to multiplayer – this app has plenty of levels to beat, with the added challenge of trying to earn enough points to gain three star ratings.

Lexulous, App, Word game


Those who’ve been using Facebook for a while may recall this one launching several years ago, back when it was called ‘Scrabulous’. It uses very similar game mechanics to Scrabble, with minor, copyright infringement avoiding changes. You compete against a friend to score the most points, using a combination of points from letters and score multipliers on the board. Solo and vs. robot modes are also available.

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